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Multi-Dimensioner (SWAD Machine)
Take the guess-work out of your billing and load-planning!



Fast and accurate, dimensions in real-time, including height, length, width and mass of parcels and pallets directly off the trucks along the conveyors.

Our unique approach combines state-of-the-art LED light curtains, as opposed to expensive laser technology. Combined with local content and expertise this translates to providing you with a high-quality solution, that is price competitive, and of an international standard.

Our customers can enjoy the resultant cost saving and the following benefits:

  •     Local support provided by Multi-Weigh Technologies.
  •     Seamless integration with your old and new operational and accounting software systems.
  •     Real-time data available.
  •     Conveyor systems improve process flow while simultaneously collecting dimension data.
  •     No PC is required as a full colour touch screen industrial monitor is standard equipment.
  •     With in-line weighing equipment the mass can also be determined in the same process.
  •     With dimension and mass data being available, our in-house software team can develop intelligent applications assisting with volumetric-mass determination for billing, loading and planning purposes.

Typical Application Process Flow

Cartons are loaded on the conveyor and the gap separator automatically creates unit separation
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The barcode of the item is scanned and instantly validated against the main database
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The dimensions and mass are recorded in-line and updated to the database
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An image is photographed and linked to the barcode and updated to the database
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The reporting output includes the calculation of load sizes by route, billing information intelligently interpreted by volume or mass

Technical Specifications

Parcel MODEL Pallet
Load cell WEIGHING Load cell
Length: 5cm to 130cm MEASUREMENT RANGE Length: 5cm to 150cm
Width: 5cm to 90cm Width: 5cm to 180cm
Height: 5cm to 90cm Height: 5cm to 240cm
50.0kg CAPACITY 2000kg
0.2kg INCREMENTS 1.0kg


DATA OUTPUT: RS-232-C, Bi-Directional or RS485 or FTP or MODBUS TCP
MEASURING SENSOR: Light Curtain Arrays
CONVEYOR DIRECTION: One directional standard, bi-directional optional

Flexible solutions are available to suit all applications, contact us to discuss specific needs Jonathan Swiel on 083 301 6223 or Shaun Fine on 083 234 9457


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