The Inventory Management Solution Experts

There are many reasons why customers choose to work with us. All our solutions including ManageABLE WMS are expertly developed in-house and kept up to date with global inventory control trends.


Our customer base spans many industrial sectors in numerous countries, and as we continue to supply top quality solutions, we constantly expand on the solutions that we offer.

It is not only our inventory management system but also our barcode inventory solution for small and medium businesses, that are helping more companies become more efficient and accurate in the work that they do. Our software solutions provide a stock management system that is highly accurate making the day to day running of any warehouse practical, simple and as efficient as possible. Our software services provide a stock management system that is highly accurate and makes the day to day running of any inventory management system as simple and efficient as possible.

Our passion comes from years of experience and a desire to make inventory systems accessible to all warehouses.

Our mission statement is to provide an affordable, fast and easy to deploy, collaborative environment, for effective inventory management, across the supply chain.
Our vision is to be the trusted advisor and supplier of choice for supply chain management solutions.

Multi-Weigh’s Warehouse Management Solutions will transform your warehouse into a customer service centre by providing you with visible accurate real-time inventory data. This tight efficient control will provide you with accurate first time deliveries and fewer customer queries and returns. The system is designed for rapid deployment into any ERP and is scaleable to keep pace with your future business expansion.


Why Should You Work With Us?

Apart from providing an exceptionally reliable service there are many reasons why our customers choose to work with us:

  • We listen to understand your needs
  • Offer customizable expandable solutions
  • Provide a user-friendly environment regardless of the system you choose
  • Full audit trails on every action, that are all date and time-stamped, providing traceability and accountability
  • Automated reporting and communication processes