AvailABLE–Effective User Interfaces

How frustrated are your staff with clumsy operator interfaces?
What difference would it make if the operators were controlled?
Imagine trapping the error at the source.
Good IN + Good Out = GIGO

Are you tired of difficult to use equipment and solutions that are designed and for use in the Northern Hemisphere,without any appreciation of local conditions?

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"I enjoy the fact that although a complex IT system is running my factory it is not intimidating to the staff and because of its user-friendliness everybody actually uses the system.” “Again, local support and immediacy of service integrated with your ability and desire to meet my needs even if it falls outside your immediate scope of expertise” “They have simplified complexity, so my team can utilize them efficiently."

Heinrich Grobelaar - Golden Macadamias

Make it easy for your team to do their work with product management software.

Whether it’s on a smartphone, handheld terminal, scale interface, desktop program or monitoring device, we place extra emphasis on the USER EXPERIENCE with all of our inventory management software.

We understand the environment we live, work and play in keeping instructions and processes simple, results in accurate data capture at the source, devoid of human error.

Our product management software asks one question and allocate one task at a time and validate the response, with immediate feedback through the use of audio and visual signals to advise the operator that their actions are either right or wrong:

Red screens and lights + BEEP = Wrong
Start again and get it right or you can’t proceed – making sure there is no garbage in.

Green screens and lights + beep = Correct
Proceed with the next instruction – guaranteeing accurate real-time data capture.

Our systems don’t cloud the situation and only display what is relevant to the specific task. Through clear messaging and the use of easy to use filter and search tools ensures a great user experience. Happy people work efficiently and correctly!

Why should you choose the Multi-Weigh system?

We place extra emphasis when designing the operator interfaces used in the solutions we offer. You no longer have to worry about human error costing your company.

At Multi-Weigh we pride ourselves on being the professional, experienced team who can offer you a wide range of reliable systems and solutions.

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