SA’s #1 Macadamia Nuts Business Plan Revealed – NutLogger: The Secret to Better Yields

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SA’s #1 Macadamia Nuts Business Plan Revealed – NutLogger: The Secret to Better Yields

If you are at the point of setting up your macadamia nuts business plan and you have not yet opted for a reliable system to help you get the most of your nut yield, then how can you be sure that you are getting the maximum price per ton for your macadamia nuts in South Africa?

Macadamia nut farming has fast become one of South Africa’s most lucrative agricultural businesses. Each season, nut farmers are enjoying exceptional prices for their nuts and this in turn is encouraging more farmers to enter the industry, with the hope of making good returns on their investment.

Knowing that so many farmers were now either fully focused on nut processing or at least partly interested in benefitting from the growing industry, Multi-Weigh has created an easy to use and rather ingenious IT solution just for the macadamia nut industry.

NutLogger, has been carefully developed in such a way that each of the needs of our clients and potential clients has been taken into consideration. By using this approach, we have not just created another system on the assumption of what processing plants really need, but rather on what they have told us they need.

We have also used our immense industry experience to tailor our system in such a way that those using it are assured to enjoy many benefits.

With the NutLogger, farmers are in a better position to maximise their yields and to take full control over their Macadamia Nuts Business Plan so that they can be sure that they are moving in the right direction in terms of profitability, and traceability.

The NutLogger system is able to provide complex solutions in a simplified way, which not only helps with the current nut processing that is underway, but which also provides information that can be used for future analysis, which will in turn be useful for future endeavours.

NutLogger and The Macadamia Nuts Business Plan

The macadamia nut business plan is an incredibly particular one and when it includes a system like the NutLogger, the plan is in a more than perfect position to ensure that the long term profitability of the farm, which is already a long term investment, actually pays off in the way that you will expect it to.

Because of the many variables and the many things to consider when setting up your farm and finally celebrating your first harvest, having a system in place that helps you take your management of the process to the next level is going to minimise the amount of work that you will need to be doing, while it will also give you a greater insight that will always be helpful when growing your farm into the next phase of its development.

NutLogger has been created with 12 key points, and each point is incredibly useful and important to the overall functioning of the system. These key points, or outcomes, include:

  1. The receiving weight of the nuts are recorded along with information about the farmer, and the variety of nut. All of this information is used to improve traceability.
  2. The quality of the nuts are also recorded through the process of sample testing and the management of moisture. This information is useful for the grower as it will inform them about quality of the nut as well as the price they can expect to get for their product.
  3. The system provides curing bin management.
  4. The production procedure can be scheduled with targets determined through rigorous sample testing.
  5. The delivering process can be scheduled.
  6. The grower will have transparency over the quality with automated communications.
  7. The system puts the processing plant in a position to do fast and accurate labelling and warehouse storage.
  8. The nuts will be easy to trace from the orchard to dispatch.
  9. The processing plant will have access to accurate data through the scaling of every transaction.
  10. The processing plant will be in a better position to fulfil customer orders and shipping contracts.
  11. The system will provide the grower with automatically calculated payments.
  12. And finally, the NutLogger will issue a Certificate or Analysis.

With so many functions, any plant manager who includes the NutLogger in their initial Macadamia Nuts Business Plan will be placing themselves in the ideal position to ensure that once they get underway, they will be able to focus on the hard stuff, while the system does the rest.

Macadamia Nuts Price Per Ton In South Africa

One of the ultimate objectives of the NutLogger is to ensure that the grower can aim towards not only getting a handsome nut yield with each nut season, but to also focus on getting the best possible macadamia nuts price per ton that South Africa has to offer.

Macadamia nut farming is still on the increase and growers of all sizes are still able to look forward to earning exceptional returns.

The Macadamia Nuts Business Plan that you work according to is only going to be effective if you make sure that you are giving yourself the best possible head start by making sure that you include the best systems, procedures and practices in your plan from the get go.

Multi-Weigh is your partner in Agricultural Success

With our experience and our dedication, the Multi-Weigh team works alongside managers to help ensure that they have a stellar season. We can help you take the next steps in your business growth by providing you with the best IT solutions for macadamia nut processing. Our Macadamia Nuts Business Plan is your golden key to a more effective and productive Macadamia Nut processing plant.

Our systems are designed to be fully user-friendly as well as reliable, so that you never again have to worry about finding a new system. To get your hands on the NutLogger or to just have a chat with a member of our team, you can contact us today by giving our Headoffice a call (Here) or by contacting us via email or through our website (Here).

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