In-line Check Weighing and Data Integration with other IT Operating Systems

Airflo / Freightwings

Freight logistics companies that specialises in delivering quality fresh flowers to any destination globally.

In-line check weighers and other peripheral conveyors are installed in line with the X-ray screening machines. Provides a seamless one step process and improving the cold chain. Consolidation of weights and quantities by product provides delivery confirmation of the shipment as it is received into the facility from the farms. Incorporates temperature recording.

Direct integration with their IT Operating Systems.

Comprehensive Fresh Produce Processing Information and Tracking Systems

Used in more than 10 Macadamias Processing Plants

Suppliers of quality macadamia products

The system tracks the product from the tree, through all the processing stages of styling, analysing the moisture levels, cracking, washing, sorting, grading, packing, warehousing and finally into the container.

Due to the strict traceability requirements, the system tracks batches including quality assurance testing and control.

5 Problems that were overcome and have helped these pack houses become the top producers worldwide

  1. Expensive ERP Systems. They were costing the company hugely and they were not able to get the actual information and traceability that was required.
  2. Users were storing information on spreadsheets
  3. Complicated to use. The system was cumbersome and difficult for the operators to use.
  4. Manual data capture. Data was lagging behind the operation and was therefore never relevant and up to date
  5. Yield Information that was worthless. Due to the above and many other factors the actual yield information was never correct.

The NutLogger Solution uses a central database server connected to multiple stations throughout the plant. The stations incorporate barcode scanners, label printers and fixed and in-line weigh scales.

All documents are generated via the systems and are customised with all relevant data and certificate information.

Automated Batch Weighing & Blending Systems by Recipe Formulation with Comprehensive Data Reporting for Stock Management, Traceability and Yield Reporting

Manufacture, supply, application and service of refractories and casting auxiliaries.

Innovative and practical weighing equipment controls the automated batching of grits and powders according to preset recipe formulations managed in a central database. Security passwords ensure that only approved personal have access to changing recipes. The system controls the blending, transfer, bagging and check weighing processes.

A quality control computer system is used to verify and record all tests to a central database for traceability and archiving purposes.

Pick & Pack Warehouse Systems


A comprehensive warehouse management system helps streamline multiple functions of your enterprise:

  • Receiving – Gain insights into shipments that have been delivered, but that are not yet at their final location. Make sure items at low stock levels are staged and put away first, reducing the impact of out-of-stocks and inefficient fulfilment processes.
  • Put-Away – Know the location of all inventory on your shelves. Route your workers to the right location, set up their picks in the proper order to minimize travel time, and increase the number of orders they can pick each day.
  • Picking – Improve error-proofing and productivity in the picking process. Workers receive their picks on a mobile device that routes them to the proper location. Scanning items when you pick them verifies that the right item at the right quantity is picked.
  • Packing – Ensure the accuracy of each order that is picked and reduce material costs by determining the right sized shipping carton.
  • Shipping – See that each order is properly packaged and shipped to the right destination and delivered on the right date.

Dimensioners / Volumizers / SWAD Machines

Express Road Freight Distribution

Measuring your freight should be of utmost importance . Used for revenue retention – why guess and manually update parcel information.

Designed, manufactured and supplied by MWT. The systems scan, weigh, dimension and take images of every parcel received into depots in one seamless operation. Handles boxes and palletised items.

Direct integration with other IT Operating systems such as: Parcel Perfect, Dovetail, Cargowise and other In-house.

Manufacture and Warehouse Solutions with Integration to Multiple IT Systems

Integrate with multiple databases. A paperless system tracks the stock from manufacture, work in progress, throughout the warehouse and to the country distribution points.

RF barcode scanning has made a huge difference to the accuracy and traceability. Just regarding paper, there has been a saving of over R250,000 per annum.

Traceability Solutions for Fresh Produce Pack Houses

Avocado & Citrus Pack House

The system receives jumbo bins of fruit from the orchard where it is weighed, product and batch controlled.

Packed boxes are labelled according to sizes (counts) and palletised. The system provides accurate yield information by batch and integrates the information into Paltrack. Recently a pallet weighing add-on has enabled the pack house to be SOLAS compliant. All data is managed electronically and has eliminated the need for confusing paper trails and manual data capture which inevitably results in massive errors.

Manufacturing and Warehousing Solution for Fruit Juice Processing Plants

Bronpro Fruit Processors / Letaba Citrus Processors

Manufacturers of quality fruit juice.

The systems installed manages the stock from receiving, in processing and final warehousing. A minor ingredient recipe formulation system ensures that the correct ingredients and quantities are prepared for the batches with comprehensive audit lot trails. The warehouse system manages customised labelling as required by their principles and uses first in first out processes to manage their stock accurately.

Weight Controlled Paint Filling Machines

Medal Paint

Adding semi-automated paint fillers in their packing process has helped to increase accuracy and productivity significantly.

Traceability System with Direct Syspro Integration

Barcode scanning, weighing and labelling equipment are incorporated into user stations with simple to use screens. The stations are in the form of desktop PCs, Industrial type touch screens and RF mobile computer terminals. The system directly integrates with Syspro providing a seamless system with measuring of actual real data verified and captured in real-time.

Retail Receiving – Despatching Systems

SPAR DC / Spare Stores / Tradeport Distribution

5 Mistakes to Avoid at The Back Door

In these times store owners are hard pressed to save wherever they can. So then why are you willing to lose money daily? There is a real practical solution that will directly impact on your cash flow, profit and reputation as a business with structured control.

1. Receiving against invoice and not purchase order

Receiving against invoice is allowing your supplier to sell you what he wants and not what you want. They are not concerned about your cash flow and shelve space and only about their objectives. It’s complicated to receive against purchase order with conventional manual methods. Now it’s easy by implementing AIRS. AIRS allows you to control your orders and receive against purchase order with the “PO Import Module”. POs are imported directly from the store’s Sigma system.

2. Failing to identify and count stock accurately

This one’s a classic. You can’t take anything out of the front door without having it scanned at a till, quantified and accounted for, however at the back door there are no such rules and there the items are transferred in bulk, so it’s even easier. Barcoding is an effective means of identifying stock and with the AIRS SKU Barcode Reference Tables, pack sizes are accounted for with one scan. An integrated “hole-in-the-wall” effect guarantees that every item scanned has actually been received.

3. Relying on manual control

Manual errors occur throughout the supply chain. Manual control is just not consistent enough when it comes to handling financial assets. Avoid being reliant on personalities and characters that are beyond your control. AIRS puts automated control back without you having to be there.

4. Allowing chaos to reign

Theft and shrinkage thrives in chaos. Implementing AIRS publicizes the fact that your operation is organised and any shortfalls will be identified and suppliers will quickly learn that your back door receiving process is well managed. It is an automated security control point and a strong deterrent.

5. Manual GRV capture

GRV capture against purchase order allows you to manage pricing (both cost, selling prices and GP) efficiently.

Stock Management Solution

SUZ International

Food Brands Africa Category: Snacks, Extruded Maize Snacks

Our client needed control of their finished goods. The system manages the product issued from the packing department through to their truck loading for order fulfilment. Using the system has provided them with the peace of mind that their stock is all accounted for.

Manufacturing & Stock Management Solution for Meat Processing Plants

Meat Plant

The system manages the meat throughout the entire manufacturing and warehousing processes. It provides critical control and information for:

  1. Managing their yields by department
  2. Providing traceability
  3. Managing and fulfilling their orders
  4. Accurately controlling their stock in real time
  5. A central IT system controls the system using stations connected to scales, barcode scanners and label printers.