ControlABLE– Recipe Formulation and Lot Traceability Control

How much is manual processing affecting your business? How dependant are you on your operators? Do you want to see a swift ROI on a deal you won’t regret?

Comprehensive Traceability from Raw Materials to Finished Goods

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"With a stock holding value over R35million, our latest stock take was completed in 2 days. The next day the auditors completed their checks and the result was ZERO losses. First time in the company’s history. We have been able to increase our product range 3 fold and have reduced our staff requirement from 78 to 35. Before implementing the TA WMS system, we were constantly dealing with customer queries and complaints every day. This has now been reduced to virtually nothing. Any queries are traceable in no time at all and resolved immediately."

Nico Van der Watt - Twincare International

Digitize Your Batching Processes to Make Your Business More Awesome….

ControlABLE software allows for the creation of:

    • Production plans
    • Number of batches and required batch sizes
    • The Bill of Materials containing the recipe steps
    • Weighing sequence and target weights

The available inventory is made available for the automation system to consume from lot numbers, stock codes and quantities.

The BatchABLE Touch Screen User Interface allows the production plan to be displayed using easy to follow screens.

This eliminates paper traceability schedules and prevents operators from making incorrect or out of sequence formulations.

After selecting the required formula, the operator follows simple screens which prompt for lot number traceability scans.

Each workstation comprises of:

    • A BatchABLE Touch Screen User Interface integrated to
    • Label Printer
    • Barcode Scanner
    • One or Two Scales
    • LAN

Heavy items are weighed on a heavy-duty platform scale and light items are weighed on a smaller high-resolution scale, all directly linked to the IT system ensuring seamless, accurate data capture.

A graphic check weight display ensures the weighed items are portioned correctly and within tight management set tolerances.

The operator cannot weigh off too much or too little as the system will not accept out-of-tolerance weighing.

This process positively impacts on batch consistency and overall product quality.

‘Mistake Free’ Paperless Lot Traceability…

Good Manufacturing Practices requires each batch to have a hard copy report detailing:

Traceability data includes the date, time, username, lot number and weighed amount

To provide paperless lot traceability, the BatchABLE System creates inventory usage files in real time, after each batch is complete, which are in turn used to deduct traceability inventory.

This improves inventory traceability visibility, reduces man-hours spent on data entry and saves time on double handling data.

In addition, the warehouse automation BatchABLE System provides actual usage based on the scaling weights, instead of theoretical usage based on target weights. This allows accurate yields to be calculated which provides visibility for supplier inventory accuracy.

Both software and hardware can be customised to meet the needs of a demanding, high productivity, production led operation.