CustomisABLE – Customised Mechatronic Solutions

Are you not using up-to-date technology because you have to take it the way the supplier wants you to?

The Multi-Weigh Modularised Framework is developed and designed in-house.

This allows us to offer customized solutions to fit your operational requirements.
We are inspired by listening to our customers, and together with them design a system that suits their operation and process.

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"Thank you again! It’s working 100%. It’s just a pleasure working with you. Kind regards.."

Anél du Toit, Financial Manager, Golden Macadamias

There is absolutely no point in putting a square peg in a round hole!

For example, a scale in your receiving bay can be transformed into a powerful digitised GRV station offering you accurate weight verification and content validation, integration with a powerful product and supplier master and integration with other operating systems.

Why should you choose the Multi-Weigh system as a part of your small business software?

We are experienced mechatronic engineers and combine electronic and mechanical parts to provide practical useful solutions. At Multi-Weigh we pride ourselves on being the professional, experienced team who can offer you a wide range of reliable systems and solutions, including small business software.