Dimensioner– Fast and Accurate Scanning, Weighing, Dimensioning & Image Capture All In One Process

Multi-Weigh’s unique approach employs state-of-the-art LED light curtain arrays and sensors. Combined with local content and expertise, this translates into providing high-quality solutions that are price competitive, of an international standard and can be integrated with your IT systems. Local design and manufacture means we provide customization, spare parts, service level agreements and reporting that ensures you achieve real value.

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“Although I will be their smallest customer to date I just know that I will be looked after and supported. AND the system they design for me comes in at the lowest price by a very long shot. Now i f that is not rendering a service and going the extra mile - I don't know what is. They restored my faith in humanity and trustworthy suppliers.”

Extract from Braam Coetzee’s comment on Hellopeter.com in respect of his dealings with Multi-Weigh

So, what is dimensioning about?

A Dimensioner (also known as SWAD and Volumizer) is an automated or semi-automated solution that allows the user to accurately collect and save the mass (weight) height, width, and length of a rectangular or square object in a consistent and speedy manner. The standard option is supplied with hardware and software for User Interface with a Database to store the data or output to a file. Optional additions associated with this solution, are a barcode scanner (for parcel identification purposes) a camera, and software integration to other systems.

We provide three standard solutions to cater to most applications as indicated below;

  • Multi-Cube is a static table-mounted unit. This is ideal for smaller operations with a relatively low parcel throughput. The parcels must be placed manually by an operator on the unit for measurement. The measurements will be taken automatically and saved to the database.
  • Multi-Parcel is an in-line conveyor-mounted solution that will dynamically (on the move) take the measurements and save it to the database. This is ideal for a high-volume operation where a large number of small parcels are handled in an automated fashion.
  • Multi-Pallet is an in-line conveyor-mounted solution that will dynamically (on the move) take the measurements and save it to the database. This is ideal for a high-volume operation where a large number of pallets are handled in an automated manner.

Generally, all of the above solutions are combined with a barcode scanner to index the collected data to a unique number (e.g. waybill or parcel number). Cameras and barcode printer options are also available.

What the operator sees!

We invest a lot of time and effort in finding the optimal way to interact with users! This is really the interaction that determines the quality of the data. In general, we attempt to limit the amount of data that the user must capture and by extension limit the potential for errors. In the example below the barcode is scanned, the green screen (“Found”) suggests that the barcode is valid (if not the screen will be red and the user can’t proceed until a valid code is scanned). The dimensions and mass are automatically populated (and within acceptable limits (green)). The user will tap on “Save” and the transaction is written to the database!

Complex Screen Design with more functions and data fields, customized to specific customer requirements and process flows (pallet dimensioner view).

Multi-Cube (Static, Table Mounted Unit)


In-Line (Conveyer Mounted)


Fast and accurate dimensions in real time! Our unique approach combines state-of-the-art LED light curtain arrays with local content and expertise. This translates into high quality solutions that is price competitive and of international standard. Best of all, we provide local backup and support!


Why should you even consider the value proposition?

In today’s demanding economy, organizations in the manufacturing, freight, courier, logistics and distribution sectors are fighting to maximise profits and retain revenue. The margin between success and failure is very small! Paraphrased below are a few real-world comments from existing customers;

  • Speed of operation!
  • Consistent and accurate (billing) data. Eliminate human error and associated costs.
  • Comprehensive traceability and accountability.
  • Measure and manage performance pro-actively (through-put and bottlenecks).
  • Provide easy track and trace data that significantly reduces customer queries.
  • Plan efficient transport utilisation.

““Over the last few years Multi-Weight has installed 5 dimensioners in our warehouses. …….They have been instrumental in making the implementation of the dimensioners into our operation a success.”

[Extract from a written testimonial from one of our existing clients].

All this talk about “data”! What does it look like?

The data output will differ between operations as will the requirement between different levels of seniority within the same organization. Apart from the standard reporting provided, we also specialize in customized reporting to fit your need and specification. A variety of platforms are accommodated including output to PC screen, web-based and large screens.

How can we help you?

We understand how daunting the implementation of new technology and systems are to our clients. We know how to mitigate the risks by recommending the right equipment and hardware and how to write or integrate software that is easy to use, but most of all reliable.

Feel free to contact us to sound board your ideas, ask questions and share your needs by using the “Book a free no obligation consultation” window provided. How can you help us? We invite you comment, make suggestions and even to criticize the content of this page by using the “Message” field in the same window. That’s how we learn! That’s how we improve!

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