Top 5 Best Leading Farm Management Software companies in South Africa for Digital Agriculture

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Top 5 Best Leading Farm Management Software companies in South Africa for Digital Agriculture

Having the right type of farm management software can be the difference between the farm running smoothly and making a handsome profit, and the farm being an unprofitable disaster. Implementing the right software, as well as the right strategy, is something that every farm owner or farm manager should be aiming to do and with these software options available for you to use, you will have what you need to improve your business and your production output.

The Top 5 Farm Management Software companies

1. Multi-Weigh Nutlogger – Farm Management Software and Quality Control

A system of software applications designed with the needs of nut farmers in mind, this system is designed to ensure that farmers have full managerial control over their crop, from orchard to the final stages of processing.

The Nutlogger gives farmers exactly what they need in their software setup to guarantee efficiency while minimizing human error in the process. It also helps to ensure that the quality of the final product is up to industry standards. Our goal at Multi-Weigh Technologies is to make your life as a farmer easier by automating processes such as your nut packhouse, we offer our clients the best packhouse software solutions south africa.

2. Kiezo Forms – Crop Inspections and Pest Control

Given South Africa’s amazing climate, both agriculture and pests thrive in the tropical heat. To keep the pests at bay and to ensure that the crop is well-protected so that it yields a profitable return each picking season, carrying out crop inspections and doing the appropriate pest control is a must. Kiezo Forms is an easy to use software system that can be integrated into your current setup and used to manage crop inspections, carry out pest control, and do quality checks.

3. Cropwise Operations – Crop and Livestock Management

The management of crop and livestock health is something that no farm can afford to mess about with. With inferior quality crops and livestock, there is a real danger that will undoubtedly affect the overall success on the farm, in terms of reputation and profitability. Cropwise Operations provides farms with an essential software application which is used to provide real-time updates on the health of whatever it is that is being farmed. It helps farmers to pinpoint issues and it also provides accurate weather forecasts.

4. Conservis – Budgeting, Planning and Recordkeeping

One of the more important aspects of farming is the admin side of things. Should this be allowed to slip, farmers not only lose track of what they are spending on, but they also put themselves in a position that sees them have little control of everything else going on. Conservis is a highly effective software system that focuses on, to quote the company, helping smart farmers become even smarter. The system allows for effective inventory, budgeting, and real-time record keeping, which ensures the farm is in a position in which profitability can be improved.

5. fieldmargin – Farm Mapping

Taking into consideration the sheer size of modern farms, it is so important to have a comprehensive farm map available. fieldmargin allows for easy and effective farm mapping software system that comes in the form of an app which you can add to your Android or iOS phone, or to your PC. With this app you can map your farm in around 30 minutes, record your crops and plan certain jobs such as spraying and fertilizing.

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