InformABLE–Effective User Interfaces

Are you getting your message through to the factory floor?
Are your KPI’s viewable to those who need it?
How are you driving productivity?
Do your staff know how well they are performing?
Show the data not only to those behind desks, but throughout your operation.

It’s now cheaper than ever to install large screen monitors with networkable devices and show your team critical information.

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"Thank you again! It’s working 100%. It’s just a pleasure working with you. Kind regards.."

Anél du Toit, Financial Manager, Golden Macadamias

Visual Management drives performance keeps staff in the know and motivates improved performance...

InformABLE inventory management software in South Africa can be used with existing equipment transforming information into a digital format for monitoring, reporting and action purposes.

Installing large screen monitors in central locations will assist all operations anywhere in your facility or send dashboard reports to PCs and smartphones through the use of inventory management software.

A key factor in keeping any stock control system performing at peak efficiency is the ability to monitor performance, diagnose system problems as they occur and react timeously through effective communication.

UseThe Technology That's Available To Your Advantage…
InformABLE is an easy to use Solution that displays data in a simple to read dashboard format:

  • Reporting and displaying any information
  • Real-Time Performance Measuring and Monitoring
  • Reporting on KPI’s
  • HR messaging
  • Motivational messaging
  • Scoreboard reporting

And get this… Auto Report Compiler and e-Mail Scheduler…
Don’t wait to pull a report.
Don’t worry about remote connections.

Get inventory analysis dashboard reports sent to key managers, or anyone, automatically at pre-defined times throughout the day, week or month.
Use of graphics and colours to make reports easy to read directly on email – no attachments needed.
Responsively designed to make information readable on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Dashboard systems used to be costly, but Multi-Weigh has adopted the latest technology to make these systems extremely affordable. There is no better time than now to get the Multi-Weigh team to design and implement the perfect Inventory management dashboard for your warehouse - Don't settle for an Inventory management dashboard template.

Our design operates in a web-based environment, auto reconnects after network outages and reboots after power failures without any IT support.

The design allows for full customisation to suit your exact requirements. Don't get left behind by your competitors, implement our inventory kpi dashboard system today.