ManageABLE– Warehouse Management Solutions

What is your annual paper and printing costs?
How efficient is your paper trail?
What value of stock are you writing off annually?
What difference would it make to your operation if your stock levels were accurate and available in real-time?
How much stress would be relieved if any of the above questions were not relevant to you?

An efficient WMS will transform a chaotic warehouse into a well organised operation that will positively impact on profits.

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"Our stock control is now impeccable and we can trace where the stock really is. We now do not have to deal with time consuming customer queries and have time to concentrate on our work.."

Wayne Fick, Warehouse Manager, Tupperware Southern Africa

What profits are you losing because your team, space and equipment are not being optimally used? How much time are you wasting looking for stock because you don’t know where it is? How many customer queries are you dealing with daily and how do your customers feel? What effect is manual data capture causing to your operation? What structures do you have in place to audit and trace your outbound orders and how does this impact your efficiencies? What would it mean to you having a system of stock management software that controls your staff and not your staff managing your processes? How do you ensure staff accountability?

An efficient WMS in South Africa will transform chaos in your warehouse into a well-organized structure that will significantly impact your profits. When the wrong goods are shipped, or when staff have little to no accountability for mistakes made, or when there is no reliable information to turn back to, it is time that you implement a powerful warehouse management system. People need to obviously be in your warehouse, but they are more productive when they have the assistance of the right kind of system. With human errors all but eliminated and delays no longer keeping your warehouse behind, you can enjoy greater success knowing your inventory is managed by a system rather than the by your staff.

From inventory control, and receiving, to order fulfillment and shipping, a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is vital to improving the efficiency of a company's warehouse operations. In addition, automated controls within the warehouse add substantial value in ensuring quality, accuracy, and traceability ensuring that you achieve a competitive advantage. It is one of the few areas that will have an immediate and positive impact on your bottom line. ROI is guaranteed to be significant.

From the warehouse management software and systems implemented, our customers have seen considerable advantages in areas they did not even expect.

Multi-Weigh Technologies offers ManageABLE Warehouse Management Software Solutions, inventory management system software and systems that can be customised to fit the needs of companies of any size. By combining a warehouse management system with a wireless network, mobile computers, barcoding, controlled picking applications, automated check-weighing and stock control asset management software solutions, we can help to fully extend your business enterprise to the mobile worker, while increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing your customer service.

ManageABLE is used in many different sectors including Food and Beverage Manufacturing, Fresh Produce Pack Houses, Contract Manufacturers, Electronic Manufactures, Automotive Suppliers, Pharmaceutical and Retail.

With over 25 years of intellectual and practical experience, our design teams have delivered solutions that are both flexible in their construct and cost-effective. Our core philosophy is a belief in the correct and useful implementation of appropriate technologies, which provides workable solutions designed for African conditions.

Hence, our singular objective is to add value by reducing costs, cementing employee accountability, increasing capacity, enhancing productivity and mitigating risk through the use of cutting-edge functional systems, including inventory management and other warehouse management system software that are affordable and counted among the best stocktaking software in South Africa. At Multi-Weigh all our solutions are developed to solve the needs of our customers.

Mission Critical Specialisation Includes:

  • Warehouse control systems- multi-zone picking
  • Stock control systems- minimise write-downs and write-offs
  • Barcoding for stock tracking - order management (have a look at our barcode inventory system)
  • Management reporting systems – business intelligence and real-time visibility
  • Productivity dashboards displayed on large screens keep your staff on the factory floor in the know and motivated
  • Automated Email Scheduler – Reports are automatically sent to key personnel and is conducive to read on any computer or mobile device
  • In-line Checkweighing incorporated into conveyor systems – boosts accuracy and quality control at receiving, packing and despatch
  • Software integration - integration layers between the warehouse system and your ERP, order management, e-commerce or purchasing system(s) eliminates manual capture errors and ensure real-time data
  • Production management modules incorporate the bill of materials, recipe formulation and quality control solutions

Benefits of a Warehouse Management System

A comprehensive warehouse management system (WMS) helps streamline multiple functions of your business enterprise:

  • Receiving – Gain insights into shipments that have been delivered, but that are not yet at their final location. Make sure items at low stock levels are staged and put away first, reducing the impact of out-of-stocks and inefficient fulfillment processes. Ensure that what you ordered is received. Reduce overstocking which ties up your cash flow and reduces the size required for your warehouse.
  • Put-Away – Know the location of all inventory on your shelves, with the right inventory control software in South Africa. Route your workers to the right location, set up their picks in the proper order to minimize travel time, and increase the number of orders they can pick each day. Your stock is accounted for in real-time “LIVE”.
  • Controlled Picking – Improve error-proofing and productivity in the picking process. Workers receive their picks on a mobile device that routes them to the proper location. Scanning items when you pick them verifies that the right item at the right quantity is picked.
  • Packing – Ensure the accuracy of each order that is picked and reduce material costs by determining the right-sized shipping carton with comprehensive traceability.
  • Shipping – See that each order is properly packaged and shipped to the right destination and delivered on the right date with comprehensive audit trails and electronic documentation.
  • Production Management and Manufacturing – In production systems can be added to the stock management system to control quality, ensure accuracy and traceability and provide real-time dashboards on all devices including PC monitors, Large Screens, and Smartphones.

The ROI in a Warehouse Management System:

Although installing a full-scale warehouse management system can be a costly investment, you will quickly realize its value. After a warehouse management system has been up and running for only a few months, many of our customers say that they cannot envision their operations without it. From achieving real-time visibility into inventory, a warehouse management system package extends mobility to each worker in your warehouse and prepares you to scale your business.

Problems Solved with ManageABLE WMS

Relying on paper trails and manual data entry to manage your warehouse compromises worker productivity and inventory accuracy. Once received via a printer, orders are picked, packed and shipped, with a paper trail tracking the process. That information is then manually entered it into the system and filed. Should a discrepancy appear in a customer's order or invoice, pinpointing the problem requires cross-referencing the data in both the system and file cabinets.

As a result, your organisation can avoid experiencing:

  • Delayed access to information in the system if it has been entered days or weeks late.
  • Inaccurate information in the system
  • Inaccurate shipments
  • Late invoices
  • Difficulty locating items as they are moved within the warehouse

Multi-Weigh Technologies will support the core components of your business, with a specific focus on the following capabilities:

  • Catchweight management
  • Transferring raw materials to production environments
  • Transferring finished goods from production to end customers
  • Stock batch management
  • Project stock management
  • Short shelf life management
  • Cross-docking
  • Supplier collaboration
  • Serialized stock management

Multi-Weigh Technologies takes a holistic approach with a strong focus on the operational processes within the warehouse and extends to the following additional services:

  • Continuous improvement and measurements against strategic KPI’s
  • Business Process Improvement and Re-engineering
  • Change management
  • Training, and knowledge transfer
  • Post implementation, support and system maintenance

By offering holistic Warehouse Management Solutions, we can ensure a smooth and successful deployment, with a quicker return on investment for our customers.

Application Support:

We understand that high-quality application support is one of the key success factors in realizing a faster return on your investment through high user productivity and satisfaction. That’s why our warehouse management solutions are backed-up by a team of people to take your support calls and requests.

Our dedicated support and maintenance teams with expertise across a wide variety of disciplines are able to address the diverse support requirements of your business throughout Africa.


We know that a “one-size-fits-all” approach is not effective when it comes to training. We also understand the constraints around releasing staff from their operational duties to attend classroom training sessions. Therefore, our expert team of qualified supply chain solution people and Industrial engineers will assist our customers to tailor the relevant training programmes to suit their specific needs, and ensure business operations are not compromised.


Today’s supply chains are complex and to succeed in this competitive environment companies need to be able to adapt and respond rapidly to market changes. Our team of experienced engineers work with our customers to design and implement sustainable solutions that enable them to achieve warehouse success. By combining innovative strategies with practical techniques for planning, managing, and improving day-to-day warehouse operations our customers are able to respond to the ever-changing operational demands created by an ever-expanding market.


In order for solutions to work properly and to deliver greater efficiency, greater accuracy, and greater value to your business, People, Process and Technology should be totally aligned.

Our highly qualified team of Industrial engineers, software developers, and logistics experts have the relevant knowledge and experience to help you:

  • Define and improve your business processes according to your industry’s best practices and specific business needs;
  • Formulate the change management strategy that provides direction throughout the solution delivery process.
  • Ensure that our solutions are fully integrated with your existing ERP systems and technology platforms.

We follow an established project methodology that has been developed over more than 25 years and has helped us successfully implement our Warehouse Management Solutions at numerous companies and different industries both locally and in Africa. This recipe ensures:

  • All the members of the delivery teams are focused and aligned
  • Effective communication
  • Short focus projects, delivered on time and within budget
  • Measurable KPIs defined
  • Scheduled milestones set
  • Regular health checks are conducted along the way

Why should Multi-Weigh be your system provider?

Our systems are designed to perform optimally. With efficient and highly accurate reporting and general data control, a WMS can transform the work you do. You will also find that your staff are happier and more motivated to get the job done. Cumbersome and wasteful paperwork and filing will also be a thing of the past when everything is done digitally. It’s time you streamlined every part of your warehouse. Our systems are easily integrated into existing systems while also available as functional standalone systems.

Multi-Weigh’s effective warehouse management software in South Africa is improving the efficiency of warehouse operations in all types of industries. You can get in touch with us today to find out more about our other services which include Fresh Produce Pack House Solutions, Nut Processing Pack House Systems, Rental Software Systems for assets and consumables, Waste Management Systems & much more.