MeasurABLE– Pack Weight Control for Production and Pick and Pack Warehouses

How much is under-packing and over-packing affecting your organisation?
What measures do you have in place to ensure that you are not over supplying or under supplying?
Can you honestly say that you can guarantee the contents of the package?

Versatile Check Weighing Dynamic In-Line and Static Versions

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"Jonathan and his team saved this project and ensured that we did not lose millions of Rands and the contract. Multi-Weigh’s professional approach and expertise proved invaluable in the success of the automation and control of the production facility.."

Allan Wolf, Project Manager, Lay’s Kettle Fried Potato Chips

Inaccurate packing happens. It’s human error that can end up being exceptionally costly.

There is also the possibility of packed goods being packed short on the amount of content they should hold and then the wrong goods are despatched, something that could be avoided with the right stock management system.

Every error is not only a waste of money, but it takes time and resources to fix.

Without a reliable check weighing system production cannot be measured and management will struggle to make the right decisions.

Invest in the right check weighing system for your facility to take your operation to its full potential.

Paying close attention to the weight of packages within your warehouse is an important part of ensuring that your warehouse is running optimally.

MeasureABLE will make a remarkable difference in your organisation, as the service is highly accurate in weighing and capturing the data of each and every item passing through the warehouse, through the use of the right stock management system.

When you are able to instantly improve the accuracy of your check weighing systems, you will be able to make better decisions while also reducing customer complaints.

Monitoring and controlling the under and/or overweight of filled packages with direct feedback to the filling controls and automatic “out-of-spec” rejection, is also made possible.

All of this will contribute to the accuracy of the data collected, which in turn drastically improves the efficiency, quality and uptime of your operations.

MeasureABLE Check-Weighing equipment is designed and manufactured in house to meet your specific operational needs and requirements.

MeasureABLE Check-Weighing Solutions allow you to consolidate receivables and despatchables at the process point and identify, quantify, consolidate, GRV/despatch and update in real-time.

The Solution is integrated with:

  • Barcode Scanners
  • Label Printers
  • Document Printers
  • Other inspection equipment (ie: X-Ray screeners, metal detectors, conveyor systems, etc)
  • Other computer systems (financial, ERP, etc)

Allows you to consolidate receivables at the point of intake and identify, quantify, consolidate, GRV, immediate update.

MeasureABLE offers intelligent weighing

  • The best warehouse management software improves accuracy as there is no guesswork required. It also eliminates human error.
  • Prevents costly product giveaway
  • Ensures “on-target” consistency of finished products
  • Improves yield and inventory control
  • Ensure compliance with customer and legal specifications
  • Verify count by weight by checking for a missing item, carton, bottle, bag, or can in a case.
  • Classify products into weight grades
  • Weigh between process to identify and control shrinkage, monitor waste, maintain traceability and measure yields
  • Measure and report production line efficiencies with automated data relayed via large screen displays, email and SMS notifications
  • Goods receiving verification – ensure what you ordered is what you get
  • Despatching order fulfilment
  • Ingredient formulation control
  • Accurate weighing of parcels for freight purposes
  • Security
  • Traceability

With all of these benefits, you will notice an improvement in the way that you run your warehouse. Accurate data along with the extra security measures can be beneficial for both big and small businesses.

With the best warehouse management system, you will experience vast improvements in your warehouse efficiencies and operations.

Accurate data along with the extra security measures can be beneficial for both large and small businesses. As such, we have small business inventory software designed specifically for those companies.

Our WMS and stock management systems offer more than just a means to weigh goods…
They also provide helpful functions that you can look forward to having such as:

  • Supported Peripherals
  • Barcode readers
  • RFID readers
  • Label printers
  • Report printers
  • Dimensioning sensors
  • Temperature probes and pressure sensors
  • PLCs and switchgear
  • Large screen displays
  • Image capture for versatile tracking and identification of parcels
  • TCP/IP communications to a database using wired or wireless LAN

MeasureABLE is available as a standalone system or can be provided within our fully integrated WMS and inventory management systems in South Africa and beyond.

Multi-Weigh’s Measuring software not only reduces the errors made, but it also improves productivity.

At Multi-Weigh, we are always working towards providing high-quality solutions.

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