NutLogger = Total Traceability

Do you have an expensive ERP System that does not meet international process standards?
Are you tired of waiting for reports to be compiled, only to find out they are wrong?
Are you still working off a complicated manual system that is all over the place showing out of date, irrelevant data with incorrect yield information?

Financial managers, Production managers and CEOs of macadamias plants work with NutLogger to have comprehensive control over their produce throughout the process.

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"Multi-Weigh’s technical staff have been available at all times when we have needed their support. They have been instrumental in making the implementation of the dimensioners into our operation a success.."

Hendrik de Roubaix, Regional Manager, Inland Operations

The NutABLE Solution for agricultural management tracks the product from the orchard through all the processing stages of styling, analysing moisture levels, cracking, washing, sorting, grading, packing, warehousing, manifesting and container loading.

Due to strict international traceability requirements, the system tracks batches including quality assurance testing and control, and recall procedures.

NutABLE uses a central database server connected to multiple stations throughout the plant for quality pick and pack.

The stations incorporate barcode scanners, label printers and fixed and in-line weigh scales.

All documents are generated via the systems and are customised with all relevant data and certificate information.