NutLogger has become the leading IT solution with South African Macadamias Processing Plants. Because it ticks all the boxes providing holistic traceability using digitized technologies.

Are you: Burdened with lengthy paper trails? Tracking your yields? Nervous for audits? Frustrated with complex quality control? Tracking the right numbers? Held up with queries?

Empower your staff with the user-friendly NutLogger to ensure that you have the relevant information at the ready. Drive better yields. Provide accurate and real-time feedback to your business partners.

Operating in more than 10 macadamias and other nut processing plants around the world.

I enjoy the fact that although a complex IT system is running in my factory it is not intimidating to the staff and because of its user-friendliness everybody actually uses the system.

Multi-Weigh Client

Nutlogger – The Leading System with SA Macadamias Processing Plants

Multi-Weigh Technologies’ Nutlogger has the ability to take your entire nut processing plant to the next level. Our technology will leave your competition in the dust and free up your valuable time. We all know that ‘Time is money and by not having to deal with “Growers queries” or “Staff Errors”, you can instead spend your time furthering your processing plant.

Nutlogger Operator Testimonials:

The NutLogger Story:

We primarily started off our business focusing on the design, manufacture, and servicing of electronic weighing systems in Southern Africa. With our inherent understanding of weighing in processing facilities, we believed there was so much more to it than just reading a weight from the scale.

We have always been focused on making life easier for the operator (as they are integral to any operation) and this led us into incorporating barcode scanning and labeling which eliminated the manual capturing errors associated with paper-based systems. We then started implementing industrial touchscreens into our systems and this transformed our offering of holistic user workstations. The workstation interconnects the scale, barcode scanner, label printer, and other devices into one and provides the user a means to interact with them. The touchscreen is a programmable device that we developed sequences for the user to follow to generate a label and save the information to upload to the database at regular intervals. This was all good, however, there was no immediate validation that the database processed the data correctly. This resulted in errors that took hours to correct.

We then created NutLogger which took the environment to another level by developing a powerful software engine that runs on the server and on the touchscreen and controls what is displayed to the user on the factory floor every step of the way by displaying clear messages and controlling the auxiliary devices. With this control at hand, it enabled the database (at the heart of the system) to validate the transaction as it is being processed in real-time and instantly relay back to the user a clear message. The outcome is maximizing data integrity.

Nutlogger is a flexible and holistic system combining electronic devices with fully integrated software to assist management and users to capture and collect accurate data at various milestones during the processing of nuts.

With NutLogger:

  • It is possible to digitize the QC processes.
  • Ensure maximum return on your receivals.
  • Run product recalls in a matter of seconds.
  • Optimize your production.
  • Handle finished goods with COAs.
  • Provide accurate numbers to shareholders, growers, and marketers, And so much more

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We have learned that no two processing plants are the same and the business rules differ depending on the shareholders' preferences, so we have gone to extreme efforts to ensure that although a common system exists, certain areas need to be customizable to suit each specific customer.

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