What our clients say

What are the 3 major reasons you buy from us and not somebody else?
I needed a process-specific IT support system.
The product had to be local and locally supported and not tied into any licensing fees etc.
After sales service any time day or night (I tend to be demanding, but so is this factory…).

What is the point of difference that makes you want to deal with us?
I enjoy the fact that although a complex IT system is running in my factory it is not intimidating to the staff and because of its user-friendliness everybody actually uses the system.
Again, local support and immediacy of service integrated with your ability and desire to meet my needs even if it falls outside your immediate scope of expertise.

What are the 2 things that annoy you the most when dealing with business in our industry?
Arrogance of IT companies and/or people not listening to what they are being told.
In my experience there are very few solutions-based approaches in your industry, most companies want to sell what they can do instead of developing around the customers’ needs.

Heinrich Grobler

I was inquiring about a static dimensioner & weigher. I went to 5 different suppliers / service providers. Most of them tell you what you need (according to them – who do not know and understand your needs) and do not listen to you. Mostly all of them are concerned about profit and not rendering a service. Jonathan and his team listen and build a system according to my needs.

They go the extra mile and I even received my quote on a Saturday. It is obvious that they want to render a service and build a relationship with the customer. Although I will be their smallest customer to date I just know that I will be looked after and supported. The system they designed for me comes in at the lowest price by a very long shot. Now if that is not rendering a service and going the extra mile, I don’t know what is. They have restored my faith in humanity and trustworthy suppliers.

Braam Coetzee

Over the last few years Multi-Weigh Technologies has supplied and installed 5 dimensioners in our warehouses.

Each dimensioner includes barcode verification, capturing of mass, width, length and height and imaging of each and every parcel.

They were able to design an interface to connect seamlessly with our operating systems. The barcode of the parcel is verified on-line and the dimensions assigned into our database in real-time. The images are also stored in the database.

A web server application developed by them allows our staff to recall the dimensional data for any parcel and waybill. The documents are viewed in a pdf format. The systems have proved to be both accurate and reliable.

Multi-Weigh’s technical staff have been available at all times when we have needed their support. They have been instrumental in making the implementation of the dimensioners into our operation a success.

Hendrik de Roubaix, Regional Manager, Inland Operations

We are looking to expand; possibly double in size next year. I told the directors that they don’t have to worry about the Multi-Weigh System because they will handle it easily as they have always shown in the past.

Andrew Coppin, Operations Director

Thank you again! It’s working 100%. It’s just a pleasure working with you. Kind regards.

Anél du Toit, Financial Manager