Packhouse Software – The 7 Best Packhouse Software Solutions in South Africa of 2022

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July 27, 2021

Packhouse Software – The 7 Best Packhouse Software Solutions in South Africa of 2022

The New Year is off with a bang and with the Macadamia nut harvesting season soon upon us once more, it is time to rethink and restructure your packhouse solutions, so that your agri operation is in the best possible position to make a bigger profit, all well improving overall productivity.

Maximum productivity, from both staff and the systems that you have available during the months of March to July, is of utmost importance on any Mac farm. But while staff will not generally need to be changed, updating to a more effective packhouse software solution is something that you should consider each year, so that you can be guaranteed that you are using the best system available.

In South Africa, there is a wide variety of packhouse software solutions available to farms of all sizes, and these are some of the best.

  1. NutLogger – from Multi-Weigh

It has become the leading software solution for some of South Africa’s biggest Macadamia processing packhouses, so it should be no surprise that the NutLogger from Multi-Weigh has a top spot on this list. For those who feel overloaded with responsibility for things like tracking nut yields, audits, complicated quality control, and all of the admin that goes along with it, the NutLogger is a great system for simplifying the various tasks all packhouses face.

The NutLogger is a flexible, and holistic system, one that combines various devices to create this highly specific fully integrated software that is easy to use and also allows for the capture and collection of data.

NutLogger, has been carefully developed in such a way that each of the needs of our clients and potential clients has been taken into consideration. By using this approach, we have not just created another system on the assumption of what processing plants really need, but rather on what they have told us they need.

We have also used our immense industry experience to tailor our system in such a way that those using it are assured to enjoy many benefits.

With the NutLogger, farmers are in a better position to maximise their yields and to take full control over their Macadamia Nuts Business Plan so that they can be sure that they are moving in the right direction in terms of profitability, and traceability.

The NutLogger system is able to provide complex solutions in a simplified way, which not only helps with the current nut processing that is underway, but which also provides information that can be used for future analysis, which will in turn be useful for future endeavours.

2. Palpack – Paltrack

Another system with a fairly fantastic reputation in the fresh produce processing world, Palpack software is comprehensive and allows for the visibility, management, and traceability of the product right from the moment it arrives in the packhouse to the final warehousing and shipping. This system is ideal for anyone looking for a solution that is able to handle all sorts of tasks including bin receiving, handling, and storage, management reporting, label integration, scale integration, quality control, scale integration, and various administration tasks.

3. Packhouse Management Software – Farmsoft

Simply called Packhouse Management Software, the systems available from Farmsoft are designed to take on all of the packhouse tasks, no matter what farming sector the company is in. Farmsoft specialises in industry specific packhouse software solutions, ranging from various fresh produces right down to meat packing. The company also offers software relating to traceability.

Farmsoft’s focus is to help farms to increase profits and to reduce the amount of waste that is sometimes a part of the packing process.

4. Pick and Pack – from Multi-Weigh

As a company that is dedicated to providing the agricultural industry with some of the best IT solutions suitable for a number of different aspects of farming, Pick and Pack is another fantastic product available from Multi-Weigh.

The Pick and Pack system is also known as Freshable and it is used to improve quality control and reporting, eliminate human error, capture data, determine exact yields, and it is also used for barcoding and labelling. Like the NutLogger, this system is comprehensive, and ideal for packhouses in need of a solution relating to traceability. With this system in place, the packhouse process can be more streamlined and a certain level of quality can be maintained.

5. ViTrax – Farsoft

Integration is clearly an important consideration when choosing a packhouse software solution. The ViTrax solution from Farsoft is fully integrated and can be used from the delivery of produce to the packhouse, through to the packing process, and finally the shipment. ViTrax is one of Farsoft’s systems that is constantly being developed further in order to stay up to date with industry trends and ensures that farms and packhouses have access to a system that has been made using the latest technology.

6. Win-Scan – Lucouw Projects

Win-Scan is the flagship software that Lucouw Projects has become well known for. The programme was first created to keep track of packed citrus boxes and the associated remuneration for individual workers, but has since been further developed to be easily integrated with other software as well as with the Microsoft Windows operating system, to assist with even more packhouse needs. The system can print bar codes, which can be customised so that those packing boxes will have a way to indicate that they have done the work, and it can also be used to provide accurate production information and traceability.

7. Packhouse Solution – NoSoft

For any fruit packhouse looking an end to end solution, this is a great option. The system will help the packhouse to take full control of every aspect of the process, from the reception of the materials right through to the processing, the production, and the handling and dispatching of the finished product. The system can be used as a mobile app, which makes it more flexible.

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