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Is ineffectual reporting and quality control impacting on your operation? How much of your valuable time is taken up dealing with paperwork? Are you able to consolidate your packed product against a grower? What documentation are you struggling to manage? What problems are associated with capturing and uploading your shipping information?

Comprehensive Traceability with FreshABLE Pack House IT Solution

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"Thank you so much for getting this done last night and working so late on it. We really appreciate all the long hours and Heinrich is very chuffed that he can start printing the QC reports and sending them to the growers for confirmation"

Ashley Milford, IT Manager, Golden Macadamias

Human errors happen in every packhouse, especially when you lack farm inventory management.

It is probably time to look at your inventory management software system if you are having a tough time ensuring that quality control processes are running optimally, or if you are not able to access accurate and timely information. It might even be the right time to consider investing in one of the many farm management apps. Farming and agricultural apps are easy to use and often affordable.

What some people might consider a few minor problems can turn into major headaches when they lead to product recalls.

Packhouses often face quality control issues and also have trouble tracing the produce through the various packing processes, further complicating life in the factory.

A lack of control can lead to confusion as well as product damage.

What you need is a reliable system that can be integrated into other existing systems.

Multi-Weigh has a variety of solutions that will assist you in streamlining your packhouse processes while minimizing errors.

Nine Reasons Why You Should Be Using Pick and Pack Inventory Control IT Systems To Track Your Produce Through Your Pack-House

Using manual systems and spreadsheets should be a thing of the past, it’s time to be running with a paperless system.

1.Eliminate manual and human errors

The manual paperwork process is extremely inefficient; it is also open to human error and noncompliance.

In a manual paper-based process, the data is only available to people with access to the physical paperwork.
With its electronic equivalent, the inventory control IT system, the data can be immediately shared with everyone who needs it.
This can assist in flagging problems such as quality issues or order shortages as they occur.

2.Real-time data capture
Without the real-time control, data at the point of capture cannot be validated, resulting in errors that become difficult and time-consuming to trace.

Suppliers will struggle to provide reliable data quickly in the event of an issue with the product and by the time the data is captured in a manual system, the produce has already left the floor.

It becomes a logistical nightmare to trace any issues.

With a real-time solution, data is validated for authenticity as transactions are recorded and accurate reporting is available immediately.

It also results in suppliers being open to emergency product withdrawal fees and penalties.

3.Case-level traceability

Trying to control traceability to lots and cases using manual-based systems takes up valuable time, resources and effort.
With an IT system, that can be done in a matter of seconds.

4.Employee accountability

Blame continually gets passed on when there is no effective method of recording who did what.

An IT solution will provide you with the means to know exactly who did what and at what time.

You can then hold staff accountable for their actions.

In addition, you can track employee efficiencies so that you can maximize productivity in the packhouse.

5. Data archiving

All data is backed up for archiving and reporting electronically to a secure and robust database.

6. Exact yields

With a manual system, consolidating the data and generating reports over a batch or a period of time means manually capturing data into spreadsheets, managing the accuracy of the data, and then turning this into a clear report.
An electronic data inventory control IT system can do this live and online produce comprehensive reporting, linking the data back to an orchard.

7. User-friendly operator interfaces

An effective inventory control IT system should not be difficult to use and if not designed correctly can make a system a waste of money and time.

Our emphasis is to make the different user interfaces as simple to use as possible.

The advancing technologies available this is making the equipment more affordable, mobile-friendly, and faster.

We offer a range of different devices including mobile terminals, fixed industrial type controllers, desktop PCs, and smart devices.

Using the right hardware for the right application is key.

The operating screens are designed to be clear and simple to use. Ultimately this ensures that the entire system is dependable and efficient.

8. Barcoding and Labelling

Barcoding is a highly effective method for handling produce through a packhouse. It makes the system very simple and facilitates accurate data capture.

The ManageABLE IT Solution will significantly reduce the risk of mislabelling.

With the data held in one resource, it is easy to select a product and generate clearly laid out labels with all the relative fields of information.

This adds to the entire traceability chain.

9. Quality Control

Customization, flexibility, integration, user-friendliness as well as simplicity, make our systems exceptionally suitable for all types of fresh produce pack houses, both large and small.

Our systems will ensure that your packhouse can trace produce and products, while also giving your staff the ability to effectively report back to the growers.

This system will also eliminate the need for paper-based processes, and, as a result, remove the possibility of human error.

Multi-Weigh specializes in providing warehouse management system software for inventory control, as well as a host of other solutions for packhouses, WMS stock control, check weighing, production, and receiving and dispatching.