Multi-Weigh is A Proud Member of SAMAC

The South African macadamia nut industry has grown quickly in the last 20 or so years. And this rapid growth has led to South Africa becoming a major industry player.

The growing of macadamias has taken the top spot as the fastest growing tree crop industry in the country and in 2021, the industry role players are set to make a handsome profit of some R4.8 billion.

With so many new farmers joining the trade and so many thousands of hectares of new trees being planted each year, the industry looks to companies like Multi-Weigh to provide them with sustainable, easy to use systems to help with the everyday running of their macadamia nut businesses.

Multi-Weigh has for a number of years provided excellent solutions for processing plants and farmers looking to improve the way that they approach and manage their produce from harvesting through to the container ready for shipping.

For the Farmer, from managing and tracking the pickers at harvesting, to securing the load arriving at the dehusking plant, having the right tools for the job can mean the difference between ensuring that there is a decent profit and just barely scrapping through.

For the Processing plant manager, end-to-end traceability is of paramount importance and always difficult to manage; processing receivals from farmers and styling the produce to achieve the greatest return has multiple challenges; tracking quality throughout the process is impossible to manage with paper-based methods; and assuring final product quality is challenging with the ever changing demands of the international markets and food safety requirements.

There is still lots of money to be made and lost in the macadamia nut world, and with the technology developed by Multi-Weigh, you can be sure that your macadamia nut farm and processing plant functions smoothly and yields a fantastic return on investment.


SAMAC’s Role

In response to the explosive growth of the South African macadamia nut industry since the early 1960s, SAMAC was founded in the 1970s. The organisation was born from the necessity of having a body overseeing both the way in which the industry works, and the way in which farmers can navigate this very niche part of the agricultural world.

Today SAMAC membership is steadily growing, with membership comprised of farmers, warehouse companies, and companies like Multi-Weigh, who contribute greatly to the industry in a way that differs from those on the ground.

SAMAC is also a member of the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council, which facilitates relationships with other important role players in the global nut industry.

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In 2020, South African macadamia bodies along with those in Australia established the World Macadamia Organisation, which sets out a wide variety of key objectives:

• The collection of statistics relating to the supply and the demand of macadamia nuts.

• Introduce various measures to promote and increase the use of macadamias in the current market.

• Identify new markets to grow into and then lay the ground work for increasing demand and awareness.

• Set global quality standards.

• Promote and do research into the publication of the positive side of the industry.

Multi-Weigh’s Partnership with SAMAC


SAMAC is a source of valuable information, and when you work with Multi Weigh, you can be sure that you are partnering with a company that is at the cutting edge of the latest goings on in the macadamia world.

For more information about our systems, you can get in touch with us and one of our experienced consultants will assist you.