ScaleABLE– Intelligent Weighing and Counting Integrated Solutions

Are you getting the best mileage out of your current scales?
Are you over or undersupplying your customers?
Are you receiving what you expected or being billed for?
Do your scales connect to your operating system?

Digitize Your Weighing Processes or GET LEFT BEHIND.

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Braam Cotzee

Improve the IQ of your weighing equipment!

The scope of the way we weigh hasn’t changed much over the last decade, but the connectivity, data output, data monitoring, and the user interface has today transformed scales into an intelligent tool.

With everything else going on in a fully functional warehouse, weighing is just another part of the process, but when it is done incorrectly, it can end up creating more work than is necessary.

Without the right weighing systems, you could end up not knowing what products have been received, what has been packed and ultimately which of your products have been despatched.

When it comes to weighing, there are a variety of reasons why intelligent scales have become a useful tool with wide benefits that include:

  • Security
  • Quality Control
  • Yield Analysis
  • Traceability
  • Validating quantity
  • Efficient manifest and logistics planning
  • Improved handling of despatched goods
  • Counting
  • Batch Weighing
  • Recipe Formulation Check Weighing
  • Order picking

Why choose Multi-Weigh’s weighing system?

We offer a fully integrated WMS and an intelligent weighing solution is a part of the package. ScaleABLE can be purchased as a standalone solution that can be integrated into your existing system or as a part of ManageABLE WMS.

Simple and easy to use. With our solutions, every aspect of the data management of your warehouse will be taken care of.