SizeABLE – Fast and Accurate Scanning, Weighing, Dimensioning and Image Capture “All In One Process”

Are you tired of human error and guesswork costing your warehouse money? What control have you got over the measuring and dimensioning of your freight? What are you losing by doing this manually?

Know exactly what you are handling and dealing with.

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"We now do our monthly stock take with 11 people as opposed to 44. We have reduced our paper bill from over ¼ million rand to a minimal expense."

Wayne Fick, Warehouse Manager, Tupperware Southern Africa

If inaccurate billing and other errors are costing your warehouse, it’s time to use the latest technology which is now more affordable than ever.

The investment in dimensioning and weighing equipment is guaranteed to show a swift ROI and will ensure substantial long-term revenue retention through the use of accurate measurements.

These solutions are designed and manufactured in-house, customizable to suit your operational requirements.
Full local support is always on hand to make things easier for you. Dynamic and Static versions are available for parcels and pallets for use in low and high-volume environments.

Comprehensive traceability eliminates client queries by providing workable solutions for freight and logistics.

The equipment can be connected directly to your current operating systems, resulting in reduced administration costs and the insurmountable errors associated with manual capture errors. Through integration, as items are scanned, weighed and dimensioned the data is uploaded in real-time for immediate use. The system also offers Integrated Camera Imaging. Images are stored in a database providing physical visual proof of the item at a specific time and place, with its dimensions and reference. These images can be viewed over the intranet on a web screen enhancing customer communications and service standards.
In high-volume facilities, the dimensioning equipment is integrated into conveyor lines and thereby improves process flow while simultaneously collecting dimensional data.

No PC is required as a full-color touch screen industrial monitor is standard equipment.

With dimension and mass data being available the solution also has the ability to calculate volumetric-mass determination for billing, loading, and planning purposes.

Now is the right time to invest in reliable Dimensioning/SWAD equipment and complementary software solutions providing optimal control of your goods.