Ensure That Your Warehouse Management Systems Are SOLAS Compliant

SOLAS weight requirements have many practical aspects that every warehouse manager, working in the shipping industry, has to take into consideration.

SOLAS was created in response to the sinking of the Titanic and since then it has undergone a number of amendments, the latest of which came into effect in 2016. With 90% of the world’s trade being carried over the oceans, it is exceptionally important that all shipping is carried out as safely as possible. Since the introduction of SOLAS, tragedies out at sea have been drastically reduced and trade has been able to continue seamlessly.

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Container Weight Requirements

As what is considered to be one of the most important treaties governing the safety of merchant ships, SOLAS has very specific container weight requirements. Weight verification is put in place to minimize casualties and the possible capsizing of ships, in those cases where the weight is inaccurate.

SOLAS is the international convention for the Safety of Life at Sea. It is a maritime treaty which is strictly implemented by the International Maritime Organisation. It requires states which are party to the treaty to comply with the minimum safety standards relating to construction, operation and equipment of all things maritime.

Some of the other possible outcomes when a container is not the correct weight include:

  • Dockworker injuries
  • Container collapses
  • Damage to cargo
  • Environmental damage

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