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May 16, 2019
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January 25, 2021

Top 3 Case Studies of Multi-Weigh’s Warehouse Management System

The days of losing track of what is in your warehouse is over. We all know that humans make mistakes, and we can’t blame them. Writing down the wrong code or losing the piece of paper wastes time, and you know what they say: Time is money! When introducing your warehouse to a Warehouse Management System, you can close the door on wasting time. Multi-Weigh is quite a unique company and can do more than you think. Instead of telling you that you should scrap all your old systems and only use ours, we brainstorm and come up with a pairing solution. A pairing solution that merges your current system with Multi-Weigh’s system to create something far more efficient. As we all know it - The proof is in the pudding, therefore we have put together a Top 3 Case Studies of our Warehouse Management System in action. First up:

1. Golden Macadamias / Ivory Macadamias

Golden/ Ivory Macadamias are some of the leading producers of high-quality macadamias in South Africa.

The Top 3 Problems That Golden / Ivory Macadamias overcame by using Multi-Weigh’s Technologies

  1. Expensive ERP Systems – These ERP systems could not provide the producer with the actual information and traceability that was required. While costing them a lot of money.
  2. Complicated System to Use – Many users easily got confused by the expensive and complicated ERP system.
  3. Manual Data Capture – The required data was falling behind and therefore never up to date, causing more problems further down the line.

The new Multi-Weigh system now tracks the product from the tree, through all the processing stages of styling, analysing the moisture levels, cracking, washing, sorting, grading, packing, warehousing and finally, into the container.

2. Intocast / Pharaoh cement

Manufacturing, supplying, application and service of refractories and casting auxiliaries.

Multi Weigh Technologies installed an innovative Batch Weighing and Blending System that works off pre-set recipe formulations managed in a central database. By using passwords as a security measure, only approved personnel have access to changing the golden recipe. Our system controls the blending, transfer, bagging and check weighing processes. A quality control computer system is used to verify and record all tests to a central database for traceability and archiving purposes.

3. Tupperware – Integration with Multiple other IT Systems

Tupperware is the seller of superior quality, innovative Tupperware products.

Tupperware required an incredibly unique solution, one that could be customized to their specific requirements and integrate with multiple databases throughout their entire organisation. Multi-Weigh installed a system that tracks the stock all the way from manufacture, work in progress, throughout the whole warehouse and to the country distribution points. The RF barcode tracking system has made a major impact to their accuracy and traceability, saving the company over R250,000 per annum.

Those are our Top 3 Case Studies of our Warehouse Management System being used to its full potential. There are countless companies out there that are still working by paper trail, and sooner than later they are going to be left in the dust. Contact Multi-Weigh Technologies to avoid being left in the dust, or to set an even higher bar for your opposition.

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