TrackABLE - Barcode Inventory Scanning Systems for Improved Track, Trace and Control on all Assets. Is product and document traceability becoming impossible to manage? How many queries do you get from manual capture errors, illegible writing and typos? Where could you use barcoding to significantly improve your efficiencies?

Reduce Costs with an Effective Barcoding System for Warehouse Management

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"Before implementing the Manageable WMS, we processed on average 100 orders the entire day. Now we are able to accurately complete 300 by 14:00."

Doug Gardner - Smith Power Equipment

What you need is a reliable barcode inventory scanning system.

This system will make sure that capture errors are eliminated.
With limited problems arising, customer queries become a thing of the past and the integrity of your stock management is ensured.

When wrong data is entered into inventory systems or asset tracking systems it is a nightmare that can make life in the warehouse and manufacturing space difficult, to say the least. Incorrect data leads to the wrong products being picked and packed. The process is then slowed down and as a result, customer service is affected and stock management is chaotic.

Manually entering information is almost certain to lead to error because we all know that human error is unavoidable.

Barcoding is used so extensively today that it is not just for supermarkets. In fact, barcoding finds traction throughout the retail, manufacturing, agricultural, mining and service sectors. A good barcoding system will reduce costs tremendously and when done properly will free you from cumbersome paperwork and its inherent inaccuracies. A good system can eliminate most, if not all, manual data entry from stock or asset tracking operations. Your system should be capable of paperless, effortless tracking and instantaneous reporting.

You can account for bar-coded items at all times with identification validation and scanning items in or out with an inexpensive scanner. You can make real-time decisions with logical information screens, real-time searches, and printed reports.

This technology brings user-friendliness, astounding accuracy, and flexibility to make implementation cost-effective with immediate results. We use barcoding in diverse elements of our solutions because it is so user-friendly that any employee, even without basic computer skills, can easily operate this system.

The interface uses fewer buttons and all screens are “single instruction”. Learning curves are minimal or non-existent and together with our user interface screens, the user experience is fun and simple. Barcoding technology is used so much, that it lends itself well to growing needs for internal and external electronic information exchanges - or interfacing with other computer systems or networks.

A good barcoding system will help you reduce and eliminate:

  • The number of lost and stolen goods
  • Time wasted trying to locate stock
  • Unnecessary replacement purchases
  • Paperwork and clerical time spent on recording and reporting
  • Reporting errors

And allow you to:

  • Perform cycle counting
  • Conduct accurate stock takes in minimal time with significant accuracy
  • Implement staff accountability
  • Ensure comprehensive traceability with date stamped audit trails

You should be labeling everything! To transform your operation, attach barcodes to Documents, Locations, Products, Shelving, User Cards, Vehicles, and any asset.