TransferABLE – Automated Integrated Receiving / Despatching Solution (AIRS). How much is shrinkage effecting your bottom line? Are you frustrated with human error caused by manual checking and data capture? Are you tired of time wasting manual systems that just don’t cut it?

A High Impact Automated Check-Weighing and Scanning Solution that delivers Accuracy, Traceability, Accountability and comprehensive Audit Trails.

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Spar in Riverside (Kwazulu-Natal) claim that their stock holding has been reduced from 37 days to 28 days amongst the numerous other significant savings delivered by using AIRS!

Consider AIRS…. Any business that involves the selling of high volumes of commodities should consider installing AIRS in their receiving and/or despatch process.

The Pain… Receiving and despatch procedures require focus to ensure accurate inventory control but are inherently challenging and the cause of a lot of pain and suffering:

  • Stock data is compromised and out of control - you do not know exactly what you have, where it is, or what has already been sold but not yet despatched. This makes planning extremely difficult.
  • You cannot do accurate accounts as you do not know what your actual stock value is - either at selling or cost price.
  • You struggle with staff accountability and are tired of having to throw people at problems because your operating system is simply inefficient.
  • Sales and purchase consignments are often wrong due to incorrect goods being shipped - wrong items and incorrect quantities that lead to unhappy customers and backed up receiving/despatch areas.
  • Customer enquiries and complaints are spiralling out of control, which takes time to sort out, are costly and customers lose patience and confidence in the company and product.
  • Daily sales and shipping targets cannot be met as your system is cumbersome, inaccurate and not integrated.
  • Product damaged due to backed up receiving and despatch areas.
  • Receiving/dispatching of goods takes too long resulting in congested receiving/despatching bays, which compromises security, and negatively effects your cold chain.
  • Tired of having to capture and input data multiple times into your operating system.
  • In some cases, goods are sold before they are received due to backlog in manual data capture and document issuing.
  • Tired of getting information when it is too late to act and make a difference.

The Solution…The AIRS solution consists of a conveyor that feeds all goods through the receiving/despatch port of the warehouse.

All goods are identified by the bar code scanning system, integrated software program, and are weighed and photographed and reconciled with the relevant purchase/sales order that has been pre-loaded onto the system.

Any goods that have been under or oversupplied, or incorrect product packed is detected and a variance report is instantaneously generated for management and supplier. The GRV is created automatically based on actual data of goods received through the AIRS system.

A powerful security trap that delivers accuracy, traceability, accountability and comprehensive audit trails

The Benefits…

This is how the AIRS System will make your operations more efficient:

User Experience

  • User-friendly and easy to train the operator.
  • No need for manual capture.
  • Eliminates human error.


  • Saves receiving/dispatching time.
  • Integrates seamlessly and in-line with other inspection equipment such as X-ray scanners, dimensioners, cameras, barcode scanners, metal detectors – improves space, equipment and labour efficiencies.
  • Data is captured and stored in real time by transaction.
  • Incorporates in-line barcode scanning for precise product identification.
  • Integrates with purchase orders and delivery notes.
  • Substantially reduces time consuming customer queries and associated costs.
  • In-line dynamic check weighing operates without affecting the speed of other processes.
  • Real-time measuring and reporting on actual data results in informed operational control and management decision making.


  • AIRS facilitate accountability of both suppliers and employees.
  • A full inventory control and audit trail.
  • Efficient disciplined and organised receiving/dispatching processes.
  • 100% verification of packed goods.
  • An efficient quality control asset.
  • Enforces accurate stock control.
  • Additional proof with an in-line camera to capture images stored on file.
  • Total accountability and traceability internally and with up and downstream partners.
  • Improves customer service levels.


  • Reduced shrinkage.
  • Reduced stock holding.
  • Increased stock turn.
  • Stock surpluses and shortages are immediately identified.


  • Guaranteed Revenue Retention.
  • Maximise productivity and efficiency resulting in reduced direct operating costs and increased revenue and ROI.