InflaTYRE - Tyre Rectifier

How much could your company be save by inflating with the correct tyre pressure consistently?
Don't lose your profits, let us help!

Eliminate one of the top factors that affect fuel efficiency and running costs in trucking by utilizing our Tyre Rectifier!!

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Correct tyre pressures will inflate your bottom line!

How much could you be saving by inflating with the correct tyre pressure consistently?

The Problem

  • It is a painstaking and tedious task to check and adjust the pressure in tyres of a truck.
  • The accuracy of the pressures in all tyres has a direct impact on fuel efficiency, safety, and the longevity of the tyres.
  • The task is both time consuming and back breaking; so how accurately is performed?
  • The manual record keeping is entirely in the hands of the operator.
  • Checking and adjusting 26 tyres on a vehicle is not an easy task. More so if there is an entire fleet of trucks to maintain.

Tyre Rectifier is a multi port truck tyre inflation system for fleets that combines the best of mechatronics and process control software to provide a solution that returns real value. It features a full colour touch screen display making it ideal for the user on the workshop floor. The system is robust, easy to use and delivers consistent tyre adjustments according to predefined rules. It fits between your compressor and the valve connector on your tyres. Multiple tyres can be inflated and or deflated at the same time. The number of ports is dependant on your choice and is not limited by the hardware.

Who is it for? …… The solution is for fleet owners and maintenance managers. Financial managers also value the benefits in the returns on the investment. And of course, the employee who must do the work.

What does it do? ….. In an automated process, the system regulates the pressure of multiple tyres simultaneously to their optimum levels and records the data for historical reporting.

How does it work? ….. The controller connects to the main compressor with multiple hose outlets that connect to the valves on the tyres.

The user logs on with a barcoded tag.

The fleet number or vehicle registration number is entered, and the system searches the online database. Within milliseconds the tyre configuration for the vehicle is displayed with their desired target pressures.

The user connects the hoses to the respective tyre positions and the measuring and adjusting process begins; controlled by sensors, valves, and intelligent software.

The system deflates and inflates whichever is required. Once all the tyres are within tolerance, the initial and final readings are captured, and the next set of tyres is processed.

The informative display is clear and easy for the user to understand.

Typically, a 26-wheeler vehicle can be completed in 20 minutes including accurate record keeping and accountability to the user.