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Batch Weighing: Automated Precision with BatchABLE

Take control of your operations with our automated batch process control system, BatchABLE. If your operations heavily rely on operators and you are questioning the accuracy of your filling and blending operations, BatchABLE is your solution. Worried about oversupplying products or if you're supplying the correct product? BatchABLE ensures accurate operations and offers proof with detailed records.

Effortless Automation and Precise Controls

BatchABLE takes guesswork out of the equation. By harnessing modern connectivity technologies, our scales do the talking. They read weight from electro-mechanical sensors and transform the signal into a digital reference, controlling auxiliary equipment like feeders, motors, valves, and conveyors. This method bypasses the need for expensive and complex Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).


Centralized and Secure Recipe Formulations

Maintain all your recipe formulations securely in one place with our batch weighing system. BatchABLE provides reporting on each batch processed, records raw material usage, reports on productivity, and ensures total traceability, accuracy, and conformity.


Why Choose Multi-Weigh’s Batch Weighing Systems?

We are experts in weighing, batch process control, user interfaces, data processing, and data archiving. Our solutions aim to reduce errors and simplify tasks, delivering more value than you can imagine. It's time to experience the advantage of automation that won't let you down - get in touch with our experienced team at Multi-Weigh today.

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