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FreshABLE Packhouse Solutions

Efficiency and traceability are crucial in perishable produce handling. Our comprehensive solutions ensure you address the challenges and streamline your packhouse operations.

Facing Packhouse Challenges?

Are paperwork and documentation overwhelming you? Struggling with product consolidation or shipping information capture? Quality control and reporting might be the roadblocks. Don’t fret; we've got you covered.

Nine Pillars of FreshABLE's Excellence

While weighing's essence remains consistent, today's tools bring connectivity, advanced data analysis, and an enhanced user experience. Missteps in this critical operation can derail warehouse processes. Ensure accurate tracking—from received items to despatched products—with intelligent scales.

Eliminate Errors

Transition from outdated manual processes to a streamlined, paperless environment. Reduce human errors, improve accuracy, and elevate operational efficiency.


Real-time Data Capture

Harness the power of real-time data. Experience the benefits of immediate validation, ensuring that every piece of information is accurate. Immediate reporting aids in making informed decisions, promptly.


Case-level Traceability:

Introduce swift and seamless traceability down to the individual case level. This facilitates a transparent overview of produce movement and ensures every item is accounted for.


Barcoding & Labelling

Uplift the precision of your packhouse. Our sophisticated barcoding and labeling solutions not only enhance data accuracy but also bolster the traceability of every item, reinforcing the trust in your brand.


Quality Control

Maintain stringent oversight of the entire supply chain. With our systems, every detail, from the origin of ingredients to the final destination of the finished item, is under scrutiny, ensuring unparalleled quality standards.


Employee Accountability

Instill a culture of responsibility. Our systems track every action, allowing managers to understand processes better, identify areas of improvement, and applaud exceptional performances.


Data Archiving

Safeguarding your data is our priority. Our robust backup systems ensure that every piece of information is archived securely, allowing for easy retrieval whenever needed.


Exact Yields

ain insights like never before with our live, online reporting. Analyze data from various stages of the packhouse process and link it directly back to the source, providing a comprehensive view of your operations.


User-friendly Interfaces

Prioritize user experience. Our interfaces are designed to be intuitive, ensuring that users, regardless of technical expertise, find the system simple to navigate, making operations efficient and hassle-free.

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