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Macadamia Orchard: A lush macadamia nut farm representing the South African Macadamia industry's growth.

Pioneering Macadamia Management Solutions with SAMAC

Multi-Weigh is proud to be an integral part of the South African Macadamia Nut industry, a rapidly growing sector that has flourished over the past two decades. The cultivation of macadamias, now the country's fastest-growing tree crop industry, yielded a significant profit of R4.8 billion in 2021.

As the industry welcomes an increasing number of farmers and thousands of hectares of new trees annually, Multi-Weigh stands ready to offer sustainable, user-friendly solutions for effective macadamia nut business management.

Macadamia Orchard: A lush macadamia nut farm representing the South African Macadamia industry's growth.

SAMAC and Multi-Weigh
A Fruitful Partnership

Over the years, Multi-Weigh has successfully delivered top-tier solutions for processing plants and farmers seeking to enhance their produce management, from harvest to ready-to-ship containers.

Farmers, in their need to manage and track the harvesting process efficiently and securely transport the yield to dehusking plants, have found in Multi-Weigh a reliable partner. Our advanced solutions play a crucial role in ensuring profitability over mere survival.

For processing plant managers, end-to-end traceability poses a significant challenge, especially given the stringent international market standards and food safety requirements. But with Multi-Weigh's technological prowess, quality tracking, processing receivals from farmers, and styling the produce for maximum return are tasks made simple and effective.

The macadamia nut industry continues to present lucrative opportunities. With Multi-Weigh’s state-of-the-art technology, your macadamia nut farm and processing plant operations are optimized for smooth functioning and maximum return on investment.

SAMAC Driving Industry Standards

Responding to the South African macadamia nut industry's explosive growth since the early 1960s, SAMAC was established in the 1970s. The organisation represents the necessity of having an overarching body that guides the industry's workings and assists farmers in navigating this unique agricultural sector.

Multi-Weigh’s Partnership with SAMAC
A Future of Innovation

In alignment with SAMAC's objectives, Multi-Weigh is committed to creating user-friendly systems like NutLogger, providing farmers and plant managers with real-time information for informed decision-making.

Our association with SAMAC enables us to dive deeper into crafting effective systems, gain insight into our clients' needs, and access data that fuels the development of additional systems for enhancing farming operations.

SAMAC Logo: Representing the South African Macadamia Nut Industry's Leading Organization.

Your Trusted Partner in Macadamia Management

With our ability to seamlessly integrate into existing setups, Multi-Weigh has quickly become the go-to choice for those seeking a streamlined, effective approach to their operations. Our user-friendly, scalable, and reliable systems provide accurate data, driving consistency and operational efficiency.

In addition to our popular NutLogger and FreshPick systems, we offer a variety of other solutions focusing on weighing, labeling, barcoding, stock management, and traceability, providing a comprehensive package for farmers and warehouses seeking top-tier solutions.

Partner with Multi-Weigh and stay at the cutting edge of the latest developments in the macadamia world, armed with insights from valuable resources like SAMAC.

For more information about our systems, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our experienced consultants are ready to assist you.

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