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NutLogger: Revolutionizing Macadamia Processing

In today's fast-paced, digital-centric world, NutLogger emerges as a beacon for Macadamia Processing Plants across South Africa. Developed by Multi-Weigh Technologies, this cutting-edge software seamlessly blends comprehensive traceability with digital advancements. It promises not just to streamline operations but to redefine them. By minimizing paper trails, offering real-time feedback, and simplifying the once-daunting tasks of quality control and audits, NutLogger positions itself as more than just an IT solution. It's a transformative tool, currently elevating operations in over 10 global macadamia and nut processing plants. Whether it's addressing grower queries swiftly, reducing staff errors, or staying ahead of the competition, NutLogger is where precision meets efficiency in nut processing.

Why Choose NutLogger?

Benefits of NutLogger

Multi-Weigh Technologies brings NutLogger, which offers unparalleled advantages

  • Time-saving: Address grower queries faster, reduce staff errors.

  • Comprehensive features: From receivals, quality control to warehousing.

  • Stay ahead: Elevate your processing plant above the competition.

What NutLogger Delivers


Digital Quality Control processes.


Swift product recalls.


Streamlined production.


Accurate Reporting for all Stakeholders

A visual representation of Multiweigh's innovative nut inventory management solution.

The NutLogger Evolution

From our humble beginnings, focusing on designing and servicing electronic weighing systems in Southern Africa, we've come a long way. Recognizing the importance of operators in any operation, we incorporated barcode scanning and labeling. Integrating industrial touchscreens transformed our user workstations, interconnecting various devices.

However, the real game-changer was NutLogger. It introduced a potent software engine ensuring real-time data validation and feedback. The result? Impeccable data integrity.

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